KLM Seat Selection Policy

KLM Seat Selection - Policy - How do I select a seat at KLM?

KLM Seat Selection Policy

How do I Select a Seat on a KLM Airlines Flight? – All you need to know about the KLM Seat Selection Policy is that seating with spouse, family, and children while flying is essential for passengers who travel by air. After all, moving in a group is fundamental to human nature. To enjoy the journey together, passengers often book their preferred seats for themselves and their companions when making flight reservations. However, in air travel, it isn’t always possible for airline companies to assign passengers their preferred seats due to many considerable factors. As a result, passengers are often forced to sit separately from their family or group members despite paying for their chosen seats.

To address this issue and stop causing harassment to passengers, airline companies come up with a comprehensive seat selection policy where the terms and the logic behind seat assignments are clearly defined. KLM, one of the oldest and most reputable airlines in the world, also has a policy to make air travel hassle-free for its passengers. The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy is well-defined and clearly stated. In this blog, we will go through the policy and try to find answers to the most common questions about the policy. So, let’s dig in.

KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy

The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy is a set of crystal clear rules and guidelines that KLM expects its passengers to know before they decide to fly. The policy defines commonly used terms like “Regular Seat” and “Extra Comfortable Seat”. It logically explains why a few passengers are assigned their chosen seats while others are not despite paying KLM seat selection charges

Here’s the entire policy in detail with guidelines and conditions.

●  In KLM terminology, an Economy Comfort seat is called the “Extra Comfort Seat.” The Extra Comfort seats are part of two consecutive rows in the front section, usually beside the emergency exit gates. These seats provide an additional legroom for passengers. As per the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy, passengers must pay additional charges or seat selection fees to book these seats.

●  Per the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules, passengers can book their preferred Regular Seats, Premium Comfort Seats, and Business Class seats in the Economy, Premium, and Business classes. But to do that before check-in, they must pay the seat selection fees.

●  KLM Airlines charges for seats before check-in. In other words, booking preferred seats with KLM is chargeable but only until check-in. With KLM, you can always choose a standard seat in any of the ticketing classes free of cost at check-in time. Extra Comfort seats, however, remain chargeable before or during check-in as they are the most demanded ticket type on the entire flight. 

●  Per the terms of the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy, passengers with silver, gold, or platinum Flying Blue memberships can book their preferred Standard Economy seats free of cost even before check-in. However, the timeline for booking accessible seats in such cases varies based on the Flying Blue passenger’s membership level. 

●  The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy also offers Flying Blue members the opportunity to book select Extra Comfortable Seats at discounted rates before check-in. 

●  KLM Airlines doesn’t guarantee allocating preferred seats to a passenger at any stage, even if he pays the requisite fees before check-in. The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy clarifies that the airline reserves the right to final seat allocation. In an unfavourable situation, it may exercise its lawful discretion before assigning the seats to passengers. 

●  Before assigning seats to passengers, KLM Airlines considers several essential factors that determine the smooth operations of a flight. Usually, the final seat allocation decisions are made by the cabin crew and the staff at the check-in counter in discussion with each other at the time of final check-in. 

●  As per the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules, the only guarantee KLM provides regarding seats is that if you have children and adults in the group, every single child will be assigned a seat beside an adult member. 

●  If KLM Airlines fails to assign you the seat you booked and paid for, you can always claim and receive a refund for that particular journey. This holds for both Extra Comfortable Seats and Regular Seats. 

●  Per the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules, you may request a refund by filling out the standard form on the KLM website.

Does KLM Airlines have an Online Seat Selection Policy?

Yes, it does. The whole KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy is based online. Passengers can check seat availability and layout during booking. During seat reservations, they can pay the additional charges for their preferred seats online. They also have to agree to the terms and conditions online. Moreover, online seat selection can be done after booking through the “My Trip” section of the official website. Passengers must log in to their accounts with their booking and personal information and choose their preferred seats from the Manage Booking section. 

How do You Choose a Seat on a KLM Flight?

Choosing a seat of your preference on a KLM flight is easy. You can do it online through the official website when booking. You can choose a seat later through “My Trip” and the Manage Booking section on the website. Or else, you may prefer to do it during check-in. No matter when you decide to choose your seat, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy described above before you book your preferred seat. Additionally, passengers booking their tickets through travel agents can book preferred seats before check-in by paying the extra seat selection fees

How does the KLM seat selection policy work on KLM flights? – How it Works

The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy works on the following basic principles and guidelines. 

●  The whole seat selection process is divided into two timelines – before check-in and during check-in. 

●  Before check-in, you are required to pay for both Regular and Extra Comfortable Seats. As per the rules of the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy, you are only required to pay for Extra Comfortable Seats during check-in. You are allowed to choose Standard Seats free of cost during check-in.

●  The KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy rules don’t provide any guarantee on seats even after you pay for the same. There are several factors which are considered. The final decisions on seat assignments are taken by the cabin crew and ground staff together. 

●  To book your preferred seat on a KLM flight, you must agree to the terms and conditions associated with the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy. 

●  To book seats on behalf of someone, you need to have the legal authority to represent that person, and proof of that must be submitted at the time of booking.

●  Several factors are considered by KLM Airlines before the final seat assignment to passengers. For example, the fitness and mobility level of passengers are taken into account if they apply for Extra Comfortable Seats, as these seats are close to the emergency exit. 

●  As per the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy, the seat you are actually assigned may be quite different from what you paid for because of a change of flight at the last moment and its seat layout structure. But as a passenger, you are entitled to apply for a refund in case you are not allotted the seat you paid for. 

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Ques. Can I book Extra Comfort Seats free of cost during check-in?

Ans. No. Only Standard Seats in different ticketing classes can be booked free of cost during check-in. 

Ques. Can I request a refund of the amount paid for Extra Comfortable Seats within 24 hours? 

Ans. Yes, you are entitled to a refund of the amount paid for Extra Comfortable Seats if you request it within 24 hours.

Ques. What happens to the extra amount paid for seat selection if I miss the KLM-operated connecting flight due to KLM’s fault?

Ans. You get a full refund of the amount you paid for KLM Airlines flight seats.