How Do I Manage My KLM Flight Booking

Changes are part of life. You can’t plan everything to perfection. Nor can you expect everything in life to fall in your line. The same holds for your travel plans. No matter how fail-proof your travel plans are, they can change time due to personal emergencies, uncontrollable events, and changes in schedules. Therefore, a concrete change policy is needed to deal with such unexpected events. From changing flights to upgrading and cancelling flights, developing a system that allows passengers to do all of these on their own is the need of the hour.
The KLM Airlines Manage Flight Booking Policy is a welcome step in that direction. In this blog, we discuss the policy and the processes involved in making voluntary flight changes.

KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy

The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy is a mix of rules and guidelines that set the terms for a flight change, upgrade, or cancellation. It also talks about making these changes independently, including making a name correction from your smartphone or a computer. The policy aims to help passengers ultimately self-manage their bookings and make required changes related to their trips. Here are the key takeaways from the procedure.

● The change options offered by KLM manage flight booking are only available for passengers who book their flights online directly from KLM, Air France, or Delta or by calling KLM Customer Contact Centre. The KLM “Managing your booking” services are unavailable for passengers who book flights through travel agents or tour operators.

● The KLM Manage Policy allows passengers to change flight dates, departure times, and destinations themselves subject to their ticket rules. The policy will enable passengers to cancel flights, upgrade, and independently correct their names. 

● The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy mentions that all flight changes must be made before check-in. Passengers who have already checked in must cancel those before making flight changes.

● Passengers have to rebook after flight changes. The lists of the next available flights are shown to passengers online at the time of rebooking. 

● The KLM “Managing your booking” service allows passengers to manually rebook themselves online on their chosen flights if their flights are unexpectedly cancelled. KLM does not automatically rebook them in due time. 

● Per the KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy rules, the cost of changing flights and upgrading depends on passengers’ routes, ticket types, and travel classes. 

● The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy allows passengers to cancel the flight of one particular individual in a group or family through the official website.

● The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy permits passengers to cancel online flights, extras, and parts of trips. Passengers are also given the option to request a refund.

● Passengers can also buy extra services and products and choose more privacy and enhanced comfort levels through KLM-managed flight booking.

● The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy rules permit passengers to make last-minute flight upgrades even after check-in.

●  Sometimes, it becomes difficult for passengers to compare ticket types and travel classes. The KLM manages flight booking service, shortlists features across other travel classes and create a readymade comparison to help passengers choose fares best suited for them. 

● The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy also allows passengers to request name corrections online free of charge. 

What is the Process for Manage KLM Flight Bookings?

Do you want to know how to manage your KLM flight? The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy provides all the answers. Follow this step-by-step process below to manage your KLM flight bookings online. 

● Open the official KLM website,, on your browser and land on the home page. 

● Click on the 2nd menu, called “My Trip,” on the header menu bar right below the KLM Airlines logo.

● Click on “Log in to my account” on the “My Trip” page. This will redirect you to a new page where you must provide your Flying Blue membership code or e-mail to log in to your KLM account.

● Alternatively, you may log in by clicking “Log in with booking details.” This will redirect you to a different page where you must enter your booking confirmation code and last name and click “Search.”

● Once you can log in, you’ll find all your trip details in “My Trip.” Now, look out for manage booking. All your flight changes, upgrades, cancellations, refunds, and name corrections can be ordered here. 

● Click on the change you need to make and follow the related instructions. 

Does KLM Allow Rebooking Online?

Yes, KLM allows you to rebook online after you voluntarily cancel or change your flight or your flight is unexpectedly cancelled by KLM, and you are not automatically rebooked. The process is the same as described above. You must rebook via “My Trip” on the KLM official website. The best available flights are automatically shown to you when you rebook online.

How do I Manage my KLM Flight Booking Online?

Managing your KLM flight booking online has already been discussed above. You can follow the process to make the required changes to your flight. Here’s a summary of the managed flight booking process.

● Reach the “My Trip” section of the official KLM website by logging in to your account or providing your booking details. 

● Find the manage your booking option and click on the change you must make. 

● If you’ve already checked in, cancel your check-in first online and then make changes to your flight date, departure time, and destination.

● The best options for an alternative flight are automatically shown to you now. Choose the best choice and proceed to payment. 

● Be ready to pay the fare difference and a change fee and confirm your flight rebooking.

● If you need to cancel your flight, you can do so from “My Trip” by simply requesting a refund.

● You can upgrade your flight to higher travel classes like the Premium Comfort or Business class from the “My Trip” page, subject to your ticket rules. You can also make last-minute upgrades online even after check-in, subject to availability.


Since changes in travel plans may happen anytime, being able to self-manage the situation and make the necessary changes is essential. Managing your flight booking yourself reduces the hassles caused by an unexpected change and helps you take control of the problem as soon as possible without any wait time. Additionally, this allows you to save on late fees. The KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy is a good initiative by the Dutch airline that hands over the responsibilities of managing flight bookings to passengers. This reduces work pressure on the airline and increases passenger satisfaction at the same time. So, go through the terms and guidelines of the policy and learn more about your rights. 

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Ques. Does KLM provide a view refund option before requesting an online refund?

Ans. Yes, the KLM-managed flight booking lets you view your refund options before requesting an actual refund online. 

Ques. Does KLM manage to book to let me carry my extras from the original booking to my new flight?

Ans. Yes, the KLM Manage Flight Booking Policy allows your extras to be automatically rebooked for your changed flight. However, the perks might cost you more in such cases. You can also cancel your bonuses online when you change your flight. 

Ques. I booked a KLM flight via Delta Airlines. Can I cancel a part of my trip online?

Ans. Yes, you can. The KLM-managed booking allows you to cancel your trip or a part of it online, even if the flight was booked via one of KLM’s partner airlines, such as Delta or Air France.