KLM Delayed and Flight Compensation Policy

KLM Delayed and Cancellation Compensation Policy | Refund

KLM Delayed and Cancellation Compensation Policy

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which flies passengers to almost 200 countries worldwide, has a reputation for being customer-driven. For KLM, customers’ needs are its top priority. Unsurprisingly, the KLM Delayed and Flight Compensation Policy reflects this customer-centric approach. Here’s all you need to know about the policy. 

Per the rules of the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy, passengers are eligible to claim compensation from KLM Airlines for delay if their flights are delayed by more than 3 hours in arrival and five hours in departure. 

The KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy follows the EU guidelines, which strictly lay down the terms for passenger compensation in case of a flight delay. As per the regulation, KLM can’t be liable to pay any compensation to passengers for delayed flights if such delays were caused by uncontrollable events such as a natural disaster or a general strike. 

Per the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules, KLM will pay passengers only if their flights were delayed by otherwise controllable events suddenly going out of control, such as a mechanical fault, technical snag, or employee strike. 

To be eligible for compensation as per the policy guidelines, passengers must travel from an EU country to another country within Europe or outside or from a non-EU country in any continent to an EU country. Passengers whose itineraries do not feature an EU country either on arrival or departure could not claim compensation for delayed flights under the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules. 

As per the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules, a passenger’s flight must arrive 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival time for a passenger to be eligible for delayed flight compensation. Passengers may receive 100% compensation in such cases as per EU regulations, provided their ticket rules allow it.

However, the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy also provides partial compensation, where passengers may receive up to 50% compensation depending on the extent of their flight delay. This makes passengers with a delay in flight of up to 2 hours and between 2 and 3 hours eligible for compensation.

Per the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules, KLM issues compensation through travel vouchers called EMD vouchers. These vouchers are of two types – non-refundable vouchers and cash vouchers. The type of voucher issued to compensate passengers for a flight delay depends on their ticket rules. 

Non-refundable compensation vouchers can be used for future flights or extra purchases, whereas cash vouchers can be exchanged anytime for cash refunds to the original modes of payment.

The amount of compensation receivable from KLM Airlines has been fixed and mandated by EU regulations. They are divided into three payment slabs mentioned on KLM Airlines’ official website. The eligibility criteria for each slab vary as per the air travel distance and destination. 

●  The KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules allow passengers to claim reimbursements for additional expenses such as extra meals, hotel bookings, and transportation if their flights are significantly delayed.

KLM Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation Policy

KLM Airlines also compensates passengers if it is forced to cancel flights due to manageable events that somehow went out of control. The rules and the compensation amount paid to passengers in cases of flight cancellations are the same as those of flight delays. The difference is that passengers can claim compensation for flight cancellations only if KLM fails to rebook them for the next available flights or if passengers are not satisfied with the rebooking options provided. Also, the KLM Airlines flight Cancellation Compensation Policy doesn’t allow partial compensation.

Your Rights in the Case of a Delayed or Cancelled KLM Flight

As per the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy, KLM Airlines flight Cancellation Compensation Policy guidelines and the EU regulations, you have the following rights if your flights are delayed or cancelled by KLM Airlines

●  You can claim total compensation from KLM Airlines if your flight is delayed in arrival by 3 hours or more and in departure by 5 hours or more. You can also claim total compensation if you miss your next flight due to the delayed arrival of the KLM-operated connecting flight. 

●  The KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy gives you the right to claim compensation even if your flight arrives less than three hours late. However, the compensation amount gets reduced in such a case by 50%. 

●  In the case of a flight cancellation by KLM Airlines, you can claim total compensation if you are not satisfied with the rebooking options provided by KLM. 

●  As a KLM passenger, you can claim reimbursement for unforeseen expenses, such as the cost of a meal, a phone call or hotel booking (for connecting flights) if your flight is delayed or suddenly cancelled. 

Claim your KLM Compensation for Delayed or Flight Cancellation

A flight delay or cancellation can be caused by various events beyond an airline’s control, such as a mechanical problem, a shortage of staff, a natural disaster, or even political violence. Some events are beyond man’s control, while others become suddenly uncontrollable due to unexpected events. While the reasons vary, there is no denying that such disruptions can have severe consequences for travellers, including disrupted schedules and getting stranded at the airport. However, it’s not only the passengers who suffer. Airlines are also affected and may have to pay heavy compensation for delays or cancellations. KLM Airlines has recognized this issue and has developed a comprehensive compensation policy that will be discussed in this blog. The blog will cover important points, such as how to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled KLM flights and get a refund. 

What to do When KLM Cancel/Delay your Flight

Here are your options if your KLM flight is delayed or cancelled. 

Your options in case of a delay

●  You can carry on with your planned air travel and wait for departure.

●  You can reschedule your next flight when you realize your connecting flight is approaching late arrival. 

●  You can contact KLM Customer Service if you cannot reschedule your next flight. 

●  You may decide to cancel your flight and ask for a refund and compensation if your KLM flight fails to take off even after 5 hours from the scheduled time. 

●  You may decide to claim compensation if your KLM-operated connecting flight arrives late by more than 3 hours.

Your options in the event of a cancellation

●  You may wait until KLM Airlines rebooks you for the next available flight. If that doesn’t happen by your expected time, you may rebook your flight.

●  Or else, you cancel that part of the trip or the remaining journey and request a refund and compensation.

Claim your KLM Compensation for Delayed or Flight Cancellation

How to get a Refund for KLM Flight Cancellation?

Getting a refund for flight cancellation is very easy. You can do it online yourself through the KLM website. Here is how.

●  Open the home page of the KLM website, www.klm.com. Click on ‘Information’, the fourth menu on the top menu bar. Here, you’ll find the information about your air travel with KLM.

●  Scroll down the page and click on the box that reads “Refund and Compensation.” It is the last option under “Book and Manage Your Trip.”

●  Once you click on it, the “Refund and Compensation” page will open. Click on the first option, which is “Cash Refund.”

●  On the “Cash Refund” page, click the large blue button that reads “Request a Refund.” Enter your booking reference number and last name in the designated boxes and click the “Confirm” button below. 

●  Your entire trip details will be retrieved, including the cancelled flight and the next unused flights. 

●  Submit your refund request for the cancelled flight. 

●  You’ll receive a confirmation mail when your refund request is approved. Per the KLM Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy rules, your refund request will be processed between two weeks and one month. 

How do You Claim Compensation for a KLM Delayed Flight?

Claiming compensation for your delayed KLM flight is almost identical to the refund claim process described above. It starts with opening the official KLM website and landing on the “Information” page. The rest of the process is described below. Read the following steps carefully to learn everything about claiming KLM compensation.

●  Click on “Refund and Compensation” on the “Information” page. 

●  On the “Refund and Compensation” page, click on “Compensation”, which is under the “Flights” heading.

●  Once on the “Compensation” page, click on the blue tab that reads “Request Compensation”.

●  You will be redirected to the “Make a Request” page. You will be offered two options to proceed to the next page. You can log in to your KLM account with your pre-set ID and password or use your booking reference number and last name.

●  Once in, find details of the delayed or cancelled flight you want to apply for compensation. Request compensation and confirm submission.

●  If your compensation claim is approved, you will receive a confirmation mail with a 13-digit compensation voucher code. 

KLM Compensation for Missed Flight

As a flyer, Missing Your KLM Flight is probably the worst experience you might have. A missed flight is when you fail to turn up for your flight at the airport in time, and it departs without you onboard. While there is no denying the fact that it’s one of the most unfortunate events a passenger might face, KLM Airlines, like others, compensates you only if it’s due to their fault. In other words, you are entitled to compensation after you miss your next flight if it happened due to a delay or cancellation of the previous flight that KLM operated. KLM will never compensate you if you miss your flight due to your fault. Talking about the compensation for a missed flight, the amount of compensation is the same as that paid for a delayed or cancelled flight. 


Unforeseen events and exceptional circumstances cause flight delays and cancellations. And KLM Airlines does its best to minimize their impact on passengers. Both the KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy and the KLM Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation Policy are designed to emphasize the airline’s commitment to passenger satisfaction. Both policies ensure that passengers affected by a delayed flight are treated fairly and compensated as per government regulations. This blog lucidly puts down the entire policy in commendable detail. It also discusses claiming a refund and compensation if a KLM flight is delayed or cancelled. This blog will help if your KLM flight is delayed or cancelled and you want to know what to do and what to expect in such an appalling situation.

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Ques. How much time does KLM take to pay compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight?

Ans. KLM typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks to process compensation requests. 

Ques. Can I choose the type of travel voucher I receive as compensation?

Ans. This will depend on your ticket type. You’ll probably receive a non-refundable voucher if you have a non-refundable ticket. If your original ticket was refundable, you may have the option to choose between a non-refundable voucher and a refundable or cash voucher. 

Ques. How long is the validity of the travel voucher I received as compensation from KLM Airlines? 

Ans. Your travel voucher received as compensation is valid for one year from the date you receive it.

Ques. I’ve requested compensation from KLM Airlines. How do I check the status?

Ans. If you’ve already requested compensation, you’ll receive periodic e-mails to inform you about the status. In case you can’t wait, you can manually check the status by logging in to the “My Trip” section of the website. 

Ques. My original booking was an intercontinental flight with a distance of more than 3500km. How much compensation will I receive from KLM?

Ans. The compensation amount is fixed by distance and destination. Per the KLM Airlines flight Cancellation Compensation Policy and KLM Delayed Flight Compensation Policy rules, you’ll receive €600 as a refundable voucher. You may receive €800 if you choose a non-refundable voucher.