What happens if your JetBlue Flight Gets Cancelled or Delayed

What happens if your JetBlue Flight Gets Cancelled or Delayed 

What happens if your JetBlue Flight Gets Cancelled or Delayed

What happens if your JetBlue Flight Gets Cancelled or Delayed: Flight disruptions these days have become more common than ever before. and with increasing flights, tighter schedules and growing geo-political complexities, things don’t look like they are improving soon. The number of flight delays and cancellations is also influenced by seasonal variations like rising in winter and during holidays. Whatever it is, there is no denying that flight disruptions are frustrating and are potent enough to jeopardize your travel plans.

Airlines in the US have their ways of compensating passengers for flight disruptions. If you’re flying with JetBlue, knowing how the airline deals with such a situation is essential. This blog discusses the JetBlue Compensation Policy for Delayed or Cancelled Flights and walks you through claiming compensation. Here are the details for better understanding.

JetBlue Compensation for Flight Delayed and Cancellation

The JetBlue Compensation policy talks about compensating passengers for delayed or cancelled flights. The rules also talk about qualifying for compensation, which, of course, depends on many factors like the origin of the flight and destination, the duration of the delay and the reasons behind the delay or cancellation, among others. Here are the key points about the JetBlue Delayed and Cancellation Compensation Policy

●  If your JetBlue ticket was booked online via the official JetBlue website or by calling customer service and your flight was either delayed or cancelled, JetBlue will send you an email on its own within seven days of your scheduled departure after verifying whether you qualify for compensation or not. 

●  The JetBlue Compensation policy guidelines ask you to call JetBlue seven days after the scheduled departure if your ticket was booked through a travel agent or a tour operator. 

●  JetBlue doesn’t offer any cash compensation for a flight delay or cancellation. All payments are paid in the form of travel credits, which can be used for future flight bookings and the purchase of extras.

●  However, the JetBlue Compensation policy also mentions that JetBlue could compensate you for a delayed or cancelled flight in other ways apart from issuing travel credits for future use. JetBlue can also pay passengers by rebooking them on other flights or providing them with meal vouchers or hotel accommodations. So, be ready to discuss all these options and more when you interact with a JetBlue official via email or phone. 

●  The JetBlue Compensation policy rules also allow the airline to rebook you on another flight operated by another airline so that you can reach your final destination safely and within the best possible time. 

●  JetBlue has recently expanded its operations to the UK, Paris, and other European Union countries and destinations. A delay or cancellation of a flight to and from an EU country entitles passengers to claim cash compensation under EU regulations. 

●  As per the JetBlue Compensation policy terms, JetBlue will only compensate passengers for a delayed or cancelled flight if irregularities in otherwise controllable events caused the disruption. It will not compensate passengers if the delay was caused by circumstances beyond JetBlue’s control, such as a natural calamity, a third-party strike, mass political unrest or violence, etc. 

JetBlue Airways Flight Delay Compensation

The JetBlue Airways compensation for a delayed flight is divided into different categories and slabs based on delay time frames, and the compensation amounts vary accordingly. Here they are.

a. Delay before boarding

If the flight is delayed before boarding, passengers are eligible to get compensation as per the rules of the JetBlue Compensation Policy based on the following slab.

●  $50 for a delay time between 3 to 3.59 hours

●  $100 for a delay time between 4 to 4.59 hours

●  $150 for a delay time between 5 to 5.59 hours

●  $200 for a delay time of 6 hours and more

●  Delay on-board on departure

Suppose a passenger is on board and faces a flight delay on departure. In that case, he is entitled to receive compensation as per the following slab, provided that the delay is caused by controllable events suddenly going out of control.

●  $100 for a delay between 3 to 4.59 hours

●  $175 for a delay between 5 to 5.59 hours

●  $250 for a delay of 6 hours or more

●  Delay on-board on arrival

Suppose a passenger is on board and faces a flight delay on arrival. In that case, he becomes eligible to receive compensation based on the following slab, provided other factors allow the same.

●  $50 for a delay between 1 to 1.59 hours

●  $125 for a delay between 2 to 2.59 hours

●  $200 for a delay of 3 or more hours

JetBlue Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

Suppose JetBlue cancels any flight due to irregular events within its control and cannot rebook its passengers on other flights within one hour of scheduled departure. In that case, it is bound to pay compensation to passengers as per the JetBlue Compensation policy rules. If such cancellations happen within 4 hours of the scheduled departure, passengers receive a $50 payment from JetBlue. If sudden cancellations occur after the scheduled departure time, passengers receive a $100 bonus.

How to Claim Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled JetBlue Flights?

There is no need to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled JetBlue flights if the JetBlue ticket is booked online via the JetBlue website or by calling JetBlue customer service. JetBlue automatically sends passengers email confirmation within seven days of scheduled departure if they are eligible. On the contrary, passengers who book tickets from travel agents or tour operators must call the JetBlue helpline number after seven days of scheduled departure and ask JetBlue officials about potential compensation if their flights are delayed or cancelled.

Passenger Rights in Case My JetBlue Flight Was Cancelled or Delayed

The US has yet to adopt any Passenger Bill of Rights that could be specifically applied to the aviation industry. Currently, each airline operating in the US provides a report on flight delays and cancellations to the Department of Transportation, which is subsequently displayed on the official dashboard. So, you can use this information to hold JetBlue accountable if it denies a valid compensation claim. However, as a passenger, you don’t need to worry about all these if you are flying with JetBlue, as the airline has its own Customer Bill of Rights that guarantees passengers the best customer experience even during a flight disruption. Here are your rights and what you can expect from JetBlue if such an event happens. 

●  You are informed if your flight is delayed or cancelled through all possible modes of communication, such as text messages, automated phone calls, emails, JetBlue accounts, displays on airports and even on-board announcements. 

●  You can ask for a full refund for your disrupted flight.

●  Alternatively, you can get rebooked on the next available flight.

●  You are informed about compensation by JetBlue via email within seven days from scheduled departure if you qualify for the same. You may also contact JetBlue Customer Service after seven days if your tickets were not directly purchased from JetBlue. 


The JetBlue Delayed and Cancellation Compensation Policy is a comprehensive set of customer-friendly guidelines. The policy rules are easy to understand, and the terms are easy to follow. The conditions for compensation have been elaborated extensively within the policy framework. It also extensively discusses the payment receivable for each case scenario related to a delay or cancellation. So, stay informed, and the next time your JetBlue flight fails to depart or arrive on time, use these rules to get the compensation for which you’re eligible. 

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Ques. How much compensation do I get for a delayed JetBlue flight from London to Atlanta?

Ans. Delay in flights to and from an EU country entitles passengers to get compensation as per government rules. The JetBlue Compensation policy adheres to the EU regulations in such cases and compensates passengers as per the payment slabs prescribed. So, considering that you’re flying from London to Atlanta, your compensation will be €600, the highest payment per the rules.

Ques. Can my credit card protect me in the case of a flight delay or cancellation?

Ans. Yes, certainly. Most credit cards reimburse passengers for genuine expenses incurred due to a flight delay or cancellation. Such reimbursements can supplement the compensation you receive from the airline and minimize your losses if you don’t. 

Ques. Is there any guarantee that JetBlue will compensate me if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Ans. No. JetBlue’s compensation policy offers no such guarantee. There are several factors at play here. The reason for the delay of your JetBlue flight could be beyond JetBlue’s control. It could be due to inclement weather, which is standard during winter. So, you might not get any compensation at all.